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hello backpacker traveller who like hiking top of lokon volcano

 i hope you wil get information about your trip fo lokon volcano in my city tomohon north sulawesi indonesia.
you can contact me for the best you will see here in north sulawesi for volcanoes tour,trekk to waterfall,the best minahasa highland,tangkoko nature reserve,naniwartabone nationalpark,visit nantu forest gorontalo and in bunaken diving and lebeh straits and other information.
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diving info. www.bastianos.com

lisenced guide jotje lala.www.guidenorthsulawesi.blogspot.com

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call me +6281340310671
tomohon city hotels and resorts information.
web link.www.highlandresort.info
web info.www.tomohon-onong.com
web info.www.mountainviewtomohon.com
web info.www.tomohonleoshotel.blogspot.com
climbing klabat top summit .www.adventureklabatmountain.blogspot.com
i will give you info later joanie hotel and other hotels in tomohon city.
recomended resort tangkoko dove villas resort.
recommended volcanoes in vanuatu .

top of lokon volcano.www.volcanoguide.blogspot.com

top of lokon volcano.www.volcanoesguide.blogspot.com

lokon volcano crater.www.lokonvolcanoguide.blogspot.com

climbing up to the top of lokon volcano.www.adventurevolcanoesguide.blogspot.com

hello traveller.
yes if you climb lokon volcano and to the summit .
it is posible todo that but starting very early and if this volcano not in alert 3.
yes ofcourse many people want affer you this trip make if the information is right for you.
you can also stay in in tomohon as likes as onong palace resoort,highland resort,gardenia inn,leos hotel and mountain view resort or you can stay in manado city also no problem for me.
just contact me direckly is eazy use whatsapp more eazy to give you information.
use legal or lisenced guide if you to tour here north sulawesi indonesia and do not belive if some information about me guide lala in the buzy time feel free to contact me.
mahawu volcano trips
tosee information for all the mountain in indonesia go to
guide jotje lala.


soputan volcano trip.
tangkoko nationalpark trip.

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