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climbed lokon volcano very top guided miss alysa hatem from america

Climbed lokon volcano very top.
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Onthe very top of lokon volcano.

guided miss alysa from united state of america 14 september 2017
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special guide for mountain and volcano in north sulawesi indonesia.

link. www.adventureklabatmountain.blogspot.com
link .www.adventureklabatmountain.blogspot.com

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Guide jotje lala.
Alysa hatem.
Nice view if you climbed of lokon volcano

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hikin and climbing lokon volcano to the top information

link. www.volcanoguide.blogspot.com
 in france. www.volcansguide.blogspot.com
lokon volcano and climbing volcano information.
i always think for the best for back packer traveller because i am almost 25 year with my favorit tourist or backpacker.contact me my new whatsapp .+6289698789416
link. www.volcanoesguide.blogspot.com
Link. www.adventurevolcanoesguide.blogspot.com


hiking lokon volcano to the crater eazy to do but for other people bit dificult.yes i know some hotel in tomohon just give information to by yourself and they contaact microlet to drop you the trek i do not care about it.if you like climb the peack of lokon volcano is wonderful if the wether is good and the wind is not blow to path to top of lokon volcano.and started erly in the morning if you like to see the best of this tour.
best to go 3 oclock early inthe morning if you like to see the sunrise or 4oclock you will sunrise on the way up to the top of lokon volcano.on the top of thid volcano you can see soputan volcano,klabat mountain,empungg volcano,tampusu mountain,lolombulan mountain,manado city and bunaken islaand ,manado tua,siladen,montahage,nain island, and bangka island,gangga island and bitund and lembeh straits,you can see karangetan volcano and tagguladang island,tondano and lake tondano,amurang south minahasa if good wether.
this my information for you cliber.
remember the crater of lokon is not on the top but you need to do another hour to get to wonderful top
thank for attention  from guide jotje lala.
chairman of indonesian tourist guide association tomohon city.
and of the vice dhairman of indonesian tourist guide association north sulawesi board.
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email .guidejotjelala@gmail.com or jotjeherylala@gmail.com
Lokon volcano erupted 13 september 2014 was not in the mouth of the crater.

Lokon volcano erupted was in this side 
.this is the newest historic of this volcano.
link. www.guidejotjelala.blogspot.com

volcanoes camping tour. www.volcanoesaventureguide.blogspot.com

information hiking and climbing the top of lokon volcano.
climbing the top of lokon volcano is realy wonderful and lovely so you can select the guide and ask if posible guide you to the summit.
my guiding posible guide to summi but must early in the morning around 4 oclock but the best start at 3 oclock and sunrise on the very summit.
link climbing soputan volcano.
link mahawu volcano hiking.
link hike climbing klabat mountain.
i can you not only volcanoes but the best of north sulawesi.
minahasa highland,guide you nantu forest in gorontalo,poso lake and other interesting p
ace in sulawesi.if you give opportunity to guide i will do the best for you.