Sabtu, 30 Juni 2018

sunrise on the top of lokon volcano june 2018

Guide jotje lala.
whatsapp and call.
Sunrise up to lokon volcano
my guiding is early morning in this volcano.
i like you get the best of your trip.
contact me guide jotje lala to hike this volcano
In this album is acouple from holland mr jorry and his wife.did trip to lokon volcano early morning.


Rabu, 13 Juni 2018

lokon volcano summit point may and 6 june 2018 trip.

Lokon volcano summit point trip guide jotje lala guided acouple from england on may and 6 june 2018 guided acouple from france.
6 june 2018 acople from france.
contact guidejotje lala via whatsapp /wechat +6289515507588.
Call +6281340310671.

on may acouple from england.

information of lokon volcano.
the crater of lokon volcano is before of the top.
to the top still one and half hour from the crater.

Contact directly .

Sabtu, 12 Mei 2018

hiking climbing and trek to the summit of lokon volcano

Climbing the steep trek to lokon summit Point.
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Adventure lokon volcano summit point with acouple from holland.

my information

Senin, 30 April 2018

lokon volcano guided summit point 28-29 april 2018

Lokon volcano trip.
jotje lala guided to very summit point.
28 -29 april 2018 and before.

tomohon north sulawesi lokon volcano and other volcano on north sulawesi indonesia information.
i hope nobody can disturb you do the best here in tomohon north sulawesi indonesia And you just trust the legal guide here .guide jotje lala as chairman of indonesian tourist guide associan tomohon  city and as one of the chairman of indonesian tourist guide association north sulawesi province board.
contact whatsapp and wechat
Info guide trip
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Jumat, 09 Maret 2018

trip lokon volcano 28 -29 april 2018 summit point.

Trip lokon volcano.

Guidejotje lala on the summit point of lokon volcano tomohon city norh sulawesi me directly if you like see the best not only volcanoes but other thing  on sulawesi indonesia.
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to the crater of lokon tompaluan 1100 m altitude and to very top or summit point of lokon volcano 1591 m from altitude from sea level .

On the top of lokon volcano

tomohon north sulawesi indonesia.
only stop to crater or go on to summit Point.
information trip up to lokon volcano.
guide jotje lala .
trip guided family from hongkong. Only stop in the crater of lokon tompaluan
Lokon voCano summit point 11 march 2018