Selasa, 26 November 2019

north sulawesi wildlife and volcano tour guide

Guide jotje lala is not only as volcano guide but also as wild life guide.tangkoko nature reserve bitung city north sulawesi whatsapp +6281340310671.
May be after i guide you for lokon volcano,soputan volcano and birdwatching in mahawu volcano i can guide you for wildlife with good ranger.
Guidejotje lala with black macaques nigra inside tangkoko jungle.

Senin, 12 Agustus 2019

guidejotje lala

Guidejotje lala

location  tomohon city north sulawesi indonesia
what i offer : i am lisenced tour guide here and i am chairman of indonesian tourist association tomohon city and vice chairman of indonesian tourist guide association north sulawesi province.
i am volcanoes guide  For lokon volcano ,soputan volcano,klabat mountain,mahawu volcano and tampusu dormant volcano .
and guide for minahasa highland tour ,tangkoko nature reserve and naniwartabone national for wildlife.
I speak english and native indonesia and local minahasa and some chinese mandarin,german,ducth and france.

Selasa, 02 Juli 2019

lokon volcano trip and tangkoko nature reserve trip

Lokon volcano trip and tangkoko nature trip.
contact guide jotje lala. Whatshapp and wechat or weixin.

Trip to top of lokon volcano must early in the morning.

daily trip for tangkoko nature reserve 8 oclock
before visit white beach fishing village in kalinaung or do snorkling in surabaya beach first and go on to entry tangkoko nature reserve also nice coral for snorkling in surabaya beach with nice blanck sandy beach in likupang.


Senin, 06 Mei 2019

climbing top of lokon volcano and guide sulawesi

Climbing top of lokon volcano.
and guiding you the to best of north sulawesi.
information the crater of lokon volcano not in summit point but on the summit you could see colapse
guidejotje lala can speak english and bit other european languge and speak some mandarin and ofcourse indonesian and local minahasa languge.
contact whatsapp +6289515507588 or only call +6281340310671.
Special for volcanoes.
1 lokon volcano
2 soputan volcano
3 klabat dormant volcano
5 tampusu dorman volcano
6 mahawu volcano and included minahasa highland trip
7guide and organise trip to tangkokoko nature resort
8guide and organise trip to boganiwartabone national park
9 organise bunaken snorkling daily trip
10 guide and organise sulawesi tour
11 guide and organise nantu forest for anoa and babirusa trip gorontalo.
12 guide and organise trip for poso lake
contact email
another whatsapp number +6289698789416

guidejotje lala.


Selasa, 09 April 2019

north sulawesi tour guide

North sulawesi tour guide.
whatsapp :+6289515507588
Wechat +6289698789416
CALL ONLY +6281340310671
Jotje lala

the guide called tour guide in north sulawesi indonesia is lisenced guide .
jotje lala is local guide in north sulawesi is lisenced tour guide and he is chairman of indonesian tourist guide association tomohon city and vice chairman of indonesian tourist guide association north sulawesi board.
english speaking tour guide and speak other lunguges including chiness
1 adventure soputan volcano.
2 adventure klabat mountain.

climbed lokon summit point

Climbed lokon volcano summit point.

guided mr tobi from canada 2 april 2019.
guided mr william from singapore Lokon volcano summit point.

chose the guide for guiding you to the summit of lokon volcano not only stop in the crater.