Sabtu, 27 Maret 2021

Hiking lokon volcano 21 march 2021 newnormal time

hiking lokon volcano 21 march 2021 guided mrs margriet utami taher from jakarta. contact jotje lala whatsapp +6281340310671,+6289515507588
visit tomohon city north sulawesi indonesia

Minggu, 14 Februari 2021

guidejotje lala guide lokon volcano guided mr roman from philipine in new normal 12 february 2021

jotje lala guided mr roman from philipine up lokon volcano crater at tomohon city north sulawesi indonesia. contact jotje lala. call and whasapp +6281340310671 enjoy your travelling and trust to competent tourist guide as legal or lisenced guide.
visit tomohon city north sulawesi indinonesia

Tomohon guiding lokon volcano in new noromal

jotje lala tourist guide indonesia base on tomohon city north sulawesi guide lokon volcano in new normal he guided miss sharon from holland october 2020 in the time of new normal contact call and whashap +6281340310671
happy traveling and visit tomohonn city north sulawesi indonesia.

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2020

Guiding trip in newnormal by jotje lala

guiding trip in nenormal by tour guide jotje lala. in tomohon city norh sulawesi indonesia.
jotje lala legal tourist guide indonesia base in tomohon city north sulawesi indonesia.

Kamis, 16 Juli 2020

trekking lokon -empung volcano

Trekking lokon - empung summit point. trekking first to summit point of empung volcano and trekking down from the summit point of empung to active lokon tompaluan crater is posible. info guide jotje lala

Selasa, 26 November 2019

north sulawesi wildlife and volcano tour guide

Guide jotje lala is not only as volcano guide but also as wild life guide.tangkoko nature reserve bitung city north sulawesi whatsapp +6281340310671.
May be after i guide you for lokon volcano,soputan volcano and birdwatching in mahawu volcano i can guide you for wildlife with good ranger.
Guidejotje lala with black macaques nigra inside tangkoko jungle.